Dimples Hair Removal Spray Foam

Rose Fragrance | Lemon Fragrance

The use of hair removal spray technology, no irritation, does not hurt the skin, after about 10 minutes, gently wipe with a wet tissue; contains sweet almond seed,
wheat, rice bran extract, so that the regenerated hair becomes soft and slender

Origin:United Kingdom

Net content: 200ML

Effectiveness:Mild hair removal,Inhibiting hair

Color and Status: White Foam

Applicable to skin: All skin

Production enterprise:Linco Care

Chinese agent:Shenzhen Diva Bridge Trading Ltd

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with 39 years A british brand experimented

60 Distributed over 60 countries worldwide

NO.1 world-famous depiltory product

The Top one of depiltories(female) brands

Product composition efficacy

Natural Ingredients

Sweet almond

Wheat germ oil

Bran extract

Depilation factor

Softing Hair

It is the gentle, easy way to remove hair and the result lasts up to twice as long as shaving
It works by dissolving hair below the skin’s surface, leaving you with gorgeous, stubble-free skin.
Six highlights of the product

a British old brand,mature techology

a British old brand,mature techology

The dimples brand was established in the UK in 1979, with decades of experience in hair removal. it's sold in the UK and abroad.

Mild ingredients, hypoallergenic formula

Mild ingredients, hypoallergenic formula

Add sweet almond seeds, wheat bran extract, low sensitive formula, mild hair removal, and at the same time Vitamin E rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory vitamin B5. Make skin nourish Moist, smooth and healthy

Easy to use and effective

Easy to use and effective

The design of the air bottle pressure pump is simple and easy to wipe. The hair falls off from the roots and is wiped with a towel.

Pleasant fragrance and refreshing enjoyment

Pleasant fragrance and refreshing enjoyment

The traditional hair removal products are heavy and unpleasant to smell. Dimples hair removal spray meets modern women's appeal, lemon fresh and rose fragrance. At the same time, relax the mood and relax the pressure.

200ml can with easy push spray pump

200ml can with easy push spray pump

Full 200ML, and foam texture, much longer than the cream like hair removal products, 1-2 bottles a summer enough.

Close detail, Eye-catching

Close detail, Eye-catching

Although the hair removal spray is no box and no plastic seal, but the edge of the lid is more convex with a card design, transportation process is not easy to fall off.

A little tutorial on the use of hair removal

1.Warm water to dampen

let the arm(the area to be treated) get wet


hold the can 10-15 cm from the arm and press firmly on the spray valve to apply


allow the foam to remain on the area for 6 to 12 minutes( up to 10-15 mins for long hair users)

use a tissue to clean up the foam in the opposite direction to hair growth

5.Apply cream to skin

to dry the skin with towel, and apply aloe cream(etc) on the area to be treated

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